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How to Stay in Touch With Family and Friends

Disease Control and Prevention experts are encouraging communities across the world to practice social distancing. While this will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, it also means that social interactions will be minimal. In addition to impeding many industries and businesses, this has significant impacts on families and friends who can no

Your Growth Depends On Pushing Past Your Setbacks

And Your People Can Help You Get There “All entrepreneurs experience setbacks, but successful entrepreneurs move from one setback to the next without losing their motivation.” Steve Jobs struggled with his business as he tried to sell computers and was even kicked out of his own business for some period, but he didn’t let that

The Beginning of My Entrepreneurship

Building Kitply Industries From the Foundation Up If you want to support your family and help them through hard times, you need to start your own business and work for yourself. – Ankit Sharma When I entered college and started thinking about pursuing a career in business, I never thought I’d find myself in woodworking.

Growing Your Business Through Good Works

Give Back to Others, and You’ll Help Yourself There are significant benefits to incorporating philanthropy into your business’s culture. Your company will help the community you serve and contribute to your business growth simultaneously. Kitply Industries has five core values that define the culture of our company, one of which is “Giving Back.” We recognize



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