Kitply Managed Inventory

Problems with current product management

Sudden Demand Spikes

Maintaining a predictable inventory of raw materials is key to delivering projects on time. Sudden spikes in demand can leave manufacturers scrambling to get new inventory to meet the demand while it lasts.

Sudden Demand Dips

When demand dips, you can be stuck with large inventories of raw materials that are not moving and no room to bring in new ones.

Stiffer competition than ever before

We understand that you are facing stiffer competition and narrower margins than ever before. The truth is that if you want to thrive in this environment you have to find ways to reduce costs and improve your supply chain reliability.

Why you will benefit from the KMI program

Deep product knowledge

There is no product question we can not answer. We train to be consultants in the industry.

Streamline the way you source

Make sure you are well equiped for new projects. Effective sourcing partner for new projects.

Optimal Warehouse stocking

Reducing the time, costs, and effort spent in managing your supply chain. We keep on your inventory on track so you can focus on productivity.

No shipping fees

You do not pay any shipping fees because we deliver at the optimal time the right amount of inventory

We listen and learn about your business

A partner invested in your success.

Competitive Edge

We want you to have an advantage over your competitors. So, join our KMI program!

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